About Us 

Mission Statement

To be the primary provider of comprehensive medication therapy management services in our community by establishing long term relationships with our patients through effective disease state management, and superior consultative services in a compassionate environment. 

 Meet Our Staff

Dr. Shana Muhammad, Pharm.D., R.Ph. - Co-owner and Pharmacist in Charge 

Shana Muhammad, a graduate of Texas Southern University's School of Pharmacy, is the pharmacist in-charge at Trinity Pharmacy Solutions. With over ten years of experience as a retail/clinical pharmacist, Shana brings a wealth of experience. She is certified/trained to administer immunizations and travel vaccinations. She provides consultation regarding medications to patients, physicians, and other healthcare professionals alike throughout the Houston area. 

Eboni Bowden, B.S., CPhT- Pharmacy Technician - Co-owner 

Eboni, a graduate of Texas Southern University holds a bachelor in chemistry. She has 8 years of experience working in a pharmacy setting. Eboni is very knowledgeable in prescription processing and is an excellent informational resource for insurance questions and concerns.

How Can Your Pharmacist Help You? 

Our pharmacist can do much more than dispense medications. She is a medication expert who plays an important role in keeping you and your family healthy. Your pharmacist can:  
  • Answer your questions: What does your medication do? What are its side effects? And is it safe to take with your other medications? Your pharmacist knows and wants to help you get the most from your medications.
  • Help you save money: Your pharmacist can tell you if a generic medication is the right choice and answer questions you may have about prescription insurance coverage, including Medicare Part D.
  • Provide vaccines: Our pharmacist administers flu shots, shingles immunizations and other vaccines. 
  • Work with your doctor: Our pharmacist communicates directly with your doctor when she has questions or concerns about your medications. We also keep a detailed history of your medications and can ensure that you are at the lowest possible risk for overdoses and adverse drug reactions.   
                    The better your relationship with your pharmacist, the better she can serve you.

   We look forward to serving you!